Up 7 Points

My high school student took the ACT and didn't do as well as she hoped...She retook the test and went up 7 points! She believes the watch was a big part of her success. Highly recommend!

Michael Dorsey / Coordinator of College Counseling, University City High School

A Life Saver

This was a life saver for my son. I would recommend it for everyone taking the ACT. The ACT is a sprint, and this helps keep you on time.


A Bit of Advice

Don't show up to the ACT without it.


Secret to Success

Loved it, couldn't have gotten my 34 without it!

Brenda B. / Student

The Gift that Keeps Giving

My nephew was struggling with test anxiety on the ACT, and it was affecting his score. He's a smart kid, so I bought him this watch. After about a week and a half of using the watch with his practice tests, he was improving his scores.