The ACT is back June 13

ACT testing is resuming amid an uncertain COVID-19 landscape. We’re working hard to help you prepare for the test and understand the new rules, as they become available, to keep you safe and prepared for the test.

We’ll provide you testing process updates on this page, so come back often. And if you want extra preparation for the test, use coupon code [code here] to save even more on your Testing Timers pacing watch.

Welcome Back!

Ever since COVID-19 reshaped life as we know it, high schoolers all over the world have been wondering about the future of ACT and SAT tests. College Board canceled the SAT test that was scheduled for June 6th, but after recent announcements by the ACT, it looks like the ACT test scheduled for June 13th is going forward!

So how will that test actually work? Great question. We don’t really know. The ACT will roll out their logistical plan in the coming weeks and we’ll all have a better handle on how the test will be administered without putting students at risk of COVID019.

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A Bit of Advice

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