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Your Comprehensive Guide to Prepping for the Test

Preparing to take the SAT or ACT can be a stressful time in a young person’s life. The scores students receive for these tests can directly influence which schools accept them and also whether or not they are eligible for significant scholarship awards. Because the SAT and ACT have such a powerful impact on students’ […]

UC Schools to Overhaul ACT/SAT Submissions

The University of California just voted to make major changes to their college admissions process. For the next two incoming classes (2021 and 2022), ACTs and SATs will not be required for admission’s consideration. UC joins a growing number of schools that have announced standardized tests will be optional for at least the next couple […]

“I’m Back” – ACT

Ever since COVID-19 reshaped life as we know it, high schoolers all over the world have been wondering about the future of ACT and SAT tests. College Board canceled the SAT test that was scheduled for June 6th, but after recent announcements by the ACT, it looks like the ACT test scheduled for June 13th […]

The Single Biggest Difference Between the ACT & SAT

While the new SAT and the ACT now have much more in common than they ever did in the past, it’s essential to understand their differences if you want to choose the right test for your skill set. By far the biggest difference between the two tests is math. The SAT has twice as much […]

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